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 Growing Berrys

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PostSubject: Growing Berrys   Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:32 am

Growing Your Own Berries

Before you begin to plant berries of your own, there are a few preparations that should be made to make your berry harvesting more efficient and yield better results. You'll want to acquire a Sprayduck, which is a device that allows you to water your berries to achieve the maximum possible harvest. This item can be obtained from Florama's flower shop. To ensure you don't lose track of berries you've previously planted or visited, it's also a good idea to pick up the Berry Searcher, a Pokétch application obtainable from the Berry Master on Route 208.

In order to achieve the best results from berry trees, the soil must always be kept moist to allow as many berries to grow as possible. Having the Sprayduck will allow you to succed in this endeavor. The soil will change colour based on how moist it is. The darker the soil is, the more moist it is - your aim is to water each patch of soil every few hours to keep them as dark as possible to yield the best results. Note that soil dries out faster during the daytime, so you can afford to water more sparingly throughout the night.

New to Diamond and Pearl are the addition several forms of mulch, which can be used to aid your berry growing ventures. It's a good idea to be familiar with each type of mulch, as each is useful under different conditions. The Berry Master's wife, present on Route 208, sells all types of mulch for 200 PokeDollars.

Growth Mulch
Makes berries mature in 75% of the time they normally would. When used, the soil requires more frequent watering.
Damp Mulch
Makes berries mature in 125% of the time they normally would. When used, the soil requires less frequent watering.
Stable Mulch
Extends the time in which berries must be picked before falling.
Gooey Mulch
Increases the number of new berry plants that grow where previously matured plants have dropped their berries.

Berry plants take different amounts of time before they mature enough for berries to be picked. This depends largely on the rarity of the berry planted. Furthermore, each berry plant has its own maximum harvest. That is, the amount of berries offered by equally well looked after plants will not always be the same. In terms of the berries this article is concerned with, however, the yield amount is between 1 and 5 berries per plant, depending on how well nourished the plant is throughout the time it takes to mature. Note that every plant will undergo 4 stages of maturity.
Berry Name Maturing Time
Cheri 3 hours
Chesto 3 hours
Pecha 3 hours
Rawst 3 hours
Aspear 3 hours
Leppa 4 hours
Oran 4 hours
Persim 4 hours
Lum 12 hours
Sitrus 8 hours
Figy 5 hours
Wiki 5 hours
Mago 5 hours
Aguav 5 hours
Iapapa 5 hours
Occa 18 hours
Passho 18 hours
Wacan 18 hours
Rindo 18 hours
Yache 18 hours
Chople 18 hours
Kebia 18 hours
Shuca 18 hours
Coba 18 hours
Payapa 18 hours
Tanga 18 hours
Charti 18 hours
Kasib 18 hours
Haban 18 hours
Colbur 18 hours
Babiri 18 hours
Chilan 18 hours
Liechi 24 hours
Ganlon 24 hours
Salac 24 hours
Petaya 24 hours
Apicot 24 hours
Lansat 24 hours
Starf 24 hours
Enigma 24 hours
Micle 24 hours
Custap 24 hours
Jaboca 24 hours
Rowap 24 hours
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Growing Berrys
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